This week's highly coveted video exclusive for the exclusive-getters at GameTrailers TV is the first footage of EA Sports' Madden NFL 10, which we're going to bet looks a lot like simulated professional football.

No, we haven't been privy to a sneak peek at the newest guaranteed Madden-branded blockbuster, we're just making an educated guess. The Madden NFL 10 debut also comes with an extra dose of EA Sports boss Peter Moore, who will drop some sporting knowledge on GTTV host Geoff Keighley.

Also coming to your television are details on Activision's Prototype and first cinematic footage of Atari's Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Maybe not quite as exciting as another yearly cycle of EA style football or even Peter Moore face time, but probably worth keeping your eyes open for.

The show runs late Thursday night at 12:30 AM. Yes, we known that's technically Friday morning.