First Look At New James Bond Game Declassified?

There's chatter that Britain's most famous secret agent is set to star in a stealth game. This might be footage of said game.


The footage is from an artist's demo reel and shows Singularity, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and, apparently, the upcoming James Bond game all edited together. (No, Hulk is not in the next Bond game!)

In the clip, 007 is shown sneaking up behind guards and slitting their throats. Besides footage of Bond hiding behind boxes, peaking out and firing his weapon, the secret agent smashes one dude's head on a toilet, breaks down barriers and runs on rooftops.


When the clip was originally posted online, it apparently had the title of "Demo Reel 2010 by Hanjin Song". According to Song's LinkedIn page, he was employed at Raven Software until October 2010. Raven Software is rumored to be developing the Bond stealth title.

As Kotaku previously posted, the game was believed to have previously been put on ice, but with MGM Studios — owners of the Bond rights — in the process of filing for bankruptcy, it seems publishers Activision have dusted the game off and will hope to actually get it out on store shelves.

Kotaku is following up with Raven Software and will update should the company comment.


First look at James Bond 007 videogame from Raven Software, Activision :: Gaming :: MI6 :: James Bond 007 Video Games [MI6 Thanks, Alex!]

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Isn't it a little too early to be thinking about the next Bond game? Hell the last one came out about a month ago. Is it old news already?

It's sort of like how now I see Christmas decorations up before Halloween.