James Bond Now Has A License To...Sneak?

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According to a major James Bond universe fan site, a "stealth" game starring Britain's most famous secret agent is being worked on by Raven Software, the guys behind Singularity, Hexen and Jedi Knight II.


The game was believed to have previously been put on ice, but with MGM Studios - owners of the Bond rights - in the process of filing for bankruptcy, it seems publishers Activision have dusted the game off and will hope to actually get it out on store shelves.

While Raven have a reputation for being first-person shooter specialists, do remember they've also specialised in other stuff as well. X-Men Legends, for example, was a role-playing game, while Jedi Knight II - the finest game in that Star Wars action series - was best played as a third-person action title.


We've contacted Activision for comment, and will update if we hear back.

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But isn't that exactly opposite to James Bond?

James Bond skydives out of a fighter jet, busts through the roof of a glass pyramid full of enemies, and smoothly convinces them to explain their evil plot and hand him their guns. Then he sleeps with their women and blows up their lair while driving away in a shark boat.

Add in a stiff drink and it's just another day in the life of an overly charming secret(highly well-known) agent.