First Look At Japanese Poster For Tekken Movie

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Back in early November, Kotaku posted the first Tekken movie sales art. It's now late December, and time to post the movie's Japanese poster. Funny how that works. No, not really.

The movie is set in 2039, when fighters from around the world compete in the Iron Fist Tournament and centers around character Jin Kazama, who enters the tourney to avenge his mother's death — something he places the blame on Teken Chairman Heihachi Mishima. Jin hopes by winning the tournament he can get close enough to Mishima to kill him.


And no, the actress who plays Kill Bill's Gogo Yubari is not in this movie.

News: Japanese Poster for TEKKEN [twitch]

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I must say that is quite a cool poster. While i do think this movie will be infinitely times better than DOA and The Legend of Chun-li, that still is not saying much :-P. Although i'm sure the fighting will be excellent, since most of the main cast are actual martial artists. I do wish they didn't give Kazuya a goatee though.