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The original teaser poster for the movie adaptation of Tekken didn't offer much. Yep, Tekken starts with a "T"... thanks. But this two page sales art spread gives us a better idea of Tekken: The Movie's aesthetic.


Movie site spotted the Tekken promo, featuring the fancy tagline "Survival Is No Game," at the American Film Market expo, giving us a first look at some of the movie adaptation's line up. Featured are, to the best of my Tekken knowledge, the movie versions of Law, Heihachi—about to be kicked in the ear by Bryan?—Jin, and the Williams sisters Nina and Anna.

The film's take on the Namco Bandai franchise, directed by Dwight Little, appears to be authentic to the game's virtual fighters. Perhaps a bit too authentic, if we're splitting hairs. Speaking of hair, will Paul Phoenix's 'do make an appearance? Oh I hope so.

What do you think? Stoked to watch Tekken play out while giving your hands a rest? For a bigger and better look, head over to ComingSoon.


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