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Now that you probably have LittleBigPlanet in hand, Sony is ready to let loose with the PlayStation Store fed microtransactions so that users can spice up their Sackboys with aftermarket outfits. Fortunately, the first two Sackboy outfits will be free — and available for a limited time only — hitting the North American PlayStation Store next Thursday, Nov. 6. Your first two Sackboy costumes will be the fashionably late Halloween Mask and Launch Spacesuit pictured above. Both will be free and reportedly disappear from the PlayStation Store on Nov. 19. Further down the line, expect Sackboy outfits to run you 99 cents American. Also expect to see "premium" costumes at twice the price. The Old Snake and Sephiroth Sackboys, for example, fall under the "premium" category. Surprised? Available 11/6: Official LittleBigPlanet DLC on the PlayStation Store []


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