First In-Game Teaser for Dead Island Still Playing the Emotion Card

While it's certainly not the game-changing first trailer for Dead Island, today's just-released trailer attempts to give a tug to those same heartstrings with music right out of a Hallmark commercial matched to in-game footage.

I'm still on the fence on this one—I just cannot get with Dead Rising at all, which appears to be Dead Island's closest analog—but McWhertor's hands-on with the first hour has assuaged my fears for the time being. A melee-heavy zombie game could be fun.


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I really hope this game will be as emotional as they are selling it. I've been waiting for a serious zombie game, and it would be great if this was it, but I've still got my reservations. I want some properly developed characters that I will shed manly tears for when they inevitably die a horrible gruesome death.

Make. It. Happen.