The Most Heartbreaking Zombie Video Game Trailer You'll Ever See

It's been more than three years since we last heard any news on Techland's zombie survival horror game Dead Island. Now it's back, with a trailer demonstrating that not even children are safe from the undead hordes.

When last we saw Dead Island it was heading for a 2008 release on the Xbox 360 and PC. Now it's ready to enter the spotlight once more with one of the most shocking CGI trailers I've ever seen. Children being killed is generally subject video games shy away from, but in this piece it's the main event. Watching a helpless little girl being run down by a gang of shambling zombies is disturbing, chilling, and yes, heartbreaking.

If Techland can evoke these feelings in the game proper, it could have something amazing on its hands.


It's an event that's likely to take place on an island resort overrun by the shambling dead, which is exactly what's happened on Dead Island. Developer Techland is taking a more realistic approach to the zombie survival genre. That not only means that children might die, you won't have a cache of guns to try and defend them.

It's a first-person game without guns. The player will have to rely on found objects to survive, and there just aren't that many guns in a tropical paradise. You're not going to stumble across a machinegun nest, or a stray rocket launcher. What you see is what you get. You 'll battle zombies with whatever is on hand. Eventually, thanks to the game's experience and leveling system, you'll get better at it, but even the best guy with a bat is still a guy with a bat, facing down several hundred creatures hungry for his flesh.

Hit up the link below to see what IGN saw when they recently visited Dead Island.

Welcome to Dead Island [IGN UK]

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Great trailer, brilliant even. But without sounding too pessimistic, another zombie game? Seriously, when will this fad end?