First Album Recorded Using DS KORG Emulator Released

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..and by 'Released' we mean 'put up on a website in a Zip file'. Say what you like about the democratizing power of the internet - it does rather suck the glamour out of album launches. Anyway, what we have here is a cracking little collection of musical experiments created using the KORG DS-10 emulator for the Nintendo DS, for a competition at I listened to all twelve tracks on the way home tonight and it is mainly what you would expect - squirly, twiddly synth sounds and squelchy beats. Some tracks have quite an 8-bit soundtrack feel — Aliceffek's 'Toneworks' is great fun and would not sound out of place on a Commodore 64 platformer — while the brilliant 'DSTennis' by A Rival is reminiscent of Hexstatic's 'Bass Invader.'It may not be to everyone's taste, but you have to be slightly agog that this stuff started life on a little handheld games console. The competition to create this took place over just 24 hours - imagine what could be done with an extra couple of days.. Presented here for your listening pleasure - 'Sand' by Starpause. Click to KORG DS-10 Compo [Mp3deaqth via Boing Boing Gadgets]


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@amatecha so this is trivial effortless crap? i happen to know these guys and they live their lives for this stuff. more so than most people in music, and have been doing it for some time now. starpause has a genuine love for this scene and is a huge contributor to chiptunes, handheld music, techno (not just the little kind), and the free scene. he puts a lot of effort into getting other people out there as well. he also puts incredible amounts of programming gold into his work, creating subtle and bouncy jams. this was btw a 24 hour music compo, no they aren't exploring the limits of this thing but some of the music shows what this is all about. i'm not so into the stuff that sounds gamey but some of the tracks have got the funk, period. sorry they dont have back up singers and specially placed microphones for each drum sound. also: there are efx built into this software, somewhat limited but get a little creative and exploit your limitations. cry all you want, your band probably won't be featured on kotaku and boing boing until you do something original (good luck, guitar hero!)

@ sunjammer if you really are proud of what you're getting out of your DS, there'll be another compo so keep an eye out and submit!

<3 <3 thanks kotaku!