Firemint Plans Dedicated iPad Version of Popular iPhone Game

Firemint, maker of Flight Control for the iPhone and iPod Touch (reviewed by Gawker boss Nick Denton in December), has announced it will bring an "optimized and re-imagined version" of that game to the iPad, announced today.


In a statement, Firemint pointed out that the existing version of the game available in the App Store now will work on the iPad with no changes, "but we want to ensure a delightful experience on iPad that feels just right."

"We are already building our next generation of games for higher definition, more powerful devices than are available today," the statement continued. "[...] The iPad announcement and Apple's A4 chip have come at a fantastic time for us. We are working on some incredibly fun and exciting games that will look amazing on iPad and take full advantage of its features, as well as working brilliantly on iPhone and iPod touch."

Firemint, also the maker of Real Racing, did not give a time period for the release its iPad version of Flight Control.

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