Fire Emblem Heroes Adds Wedding Costumes

These are the latest heroes to be added to the game starting May 30. The spring event came with bunny costumes, so naturally a series of special characters sporting bridal gowns was the next logical step.

The latest trailer for Nintendo’s mobile slot machine shows off old characters all dolled up for the big “I do.” There’s the princess of Talys, Caeda, who you might remember eventually went on to marry Marth. “I believe in love!” she shouts in the video before dropping a magical exploding bouquet on a flying knight to deal 35 damage.

Also, not to be outdone, there’s the “Money Maiden” Charlotte who tried to join the Royal Guard in hopes of finding a husband in Fire Emblem Fates. Her catchphrase is “Till death do us part.” And the “Perfect Bride” Cordelia who asks rhetorically “Who doesn’t admire a stunning bride?”

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But my favorite is Lyn, the “Bride of the Plains,” who cuts through all the bullshit and explains “This dress wasn’t my idea.”

The latest iteration of the heroes will be available to summon starting at 3:00AM EDT tomorrow morning with the event running until June 13. Nintendo also notes that “These Special Heroes may or may not appear again in a summoning event held in the future,” in case you were curious and looking to stay that way.

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Good thing none of them have any specifically ridiculous Skills that are mandatory competitive-wise.

There’s just Wind Boost which boosts SPD+6 when 3 HP or above enemy & Rally ATK /SPD which Buffs both ATK / SPD + 3 unlike the normal rallies which just buff +4 of a stat.

But yeah to be honest they really are sort of hating on Axe Users seeing as they decided to make Charlotte a Lancer User instead.

I’m happy to be honest because I can skip this banner and actually stockpile Orbs again. The last time I had a stockpile of orbs was literally before the Ike Banner where they did the Nasty Bait/ Switch by releasing the Hector / Ryouma banner almost immediately after people spent their orbs on Ike.