Finally, Spy Party's Normal-Looking People Can Move

We've been following asymmetrical multiplayer game Spy Party for years. We've been wondering for nearly as long when game designer Chris Hecker was ever going to swap out his programmer art for something a little more 21st-century. He's getting close!


Hecker has posted animation tests of two SpyParty characters on his blog for the upcoming undated game. Hooray for normal-looking people as video game characters!

For those not in the know, SpyParty is a one-on-one game. One player plays the spy and does their best to hang out in a virtual party while planting bugs, exchanging secrets and other sort of spy-like stuff. The other person is the sniper and has but one unerring bullet that they can fire at whoever they think is the spy. If they get it right, they win. If they don't—or if they take too long and the spy completes their tasks—the spy wins.

Read more about the graphical update to the game at Hecker's blog. Join the game's PC open-beta and play it with the old graphics right now. And look for SpyParty at PAX in Seattle at the end of the month. Hecker is hoping to run one of the game's maps with the new graphics.

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I think this game would be incredible with the gameplay style of the Wii U, with the spy playing on the gamepad and the sniper with a Wii remote, and I don't think it'd be too hard for them to simply put it on the eShop. Please make this happen devs!