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Final PS Vita Box Design for Europe. Launch Apps, Too.

Illustration for article titled Final PS Vita Box Design for Europe. Launch Apps, Too.

When Sony detailed the PS Vita launch apps for Japan, the questions was how many of those would be available in the West. Well, how many?


The launch app for Europe include Welcome Park (PS Vita tutorial), Party (text and voice chat), PlayStation Store (shopping), Group Messaging (messaging), Photos (well, photos), Near (location-based gaming network), Trophies (track your stats), Music (dur), Friends (buddy list), and Internet Browser (surf the tubes).


The apps are the same as what Sony Japan showed available out-of-the-box at launch. And speaking of boxes, Europe's PS Vita box looks like Japan's.

Japan could be getting more apps at launch. During its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, Sony revealed that downloadable apps will launch when the PS Vita goes on sale in Japan. Sony even included these titles in the 26 launch games for the Vita.


No word whether Japanese apps like video app Nico Nico Douga or calendar app Yuusha no Kiroku will make the jump outside of Japan. Nico Nico Douga is largely a Japan-only video service, so the chances of that getting a worldwide release are slim.


A localized version of Yuusha no Kiroku would make sense as a Western release.

Kotaku is following up with Sony regarding a Western release for the Nico Nico Douga and Yuusha no Kiroku apps.


PlayStation Vita Box Designs and Launch Apps [PlayStation.Blog]

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I really don't think the world is ready for how badly this product will fail. Yes the hardware is amazing, but considering how long Sony likes to wait before releasing new hardware this will likely be bested by/equalled by the iPad 3 within a year. not only that, but when Sony released the ps3 and psp they were still seen as a premium brand. Not any more. They are, imo, seen as on par with samsung and panasonic where companies like Apple and Google are seen as the premium brands in the mobile space.

Sure this is all my own theory but I simply can't accept that there is room in the Market for this device long term. I ink planned obsolescence has been obscured in the gaming industry when you have companies expecting hardware to to last up to 10 years or 5 or 6 in the psp case. If you compare that to the rest of the mobile arena ( and like it or not this product is part of that arena and I don't believe many people will treat it differently ) you have hardware increases on a yearly basis that really push the tech competitively.

Sure the concept of a standalone machine is cool but we can expect more premium games, but from a business perspective I don't think this will be viable for gaming companies in 24 months time. The ps vita will never come close to the iOS and android install base and as soon as the gaming quality catches up ( and it really is doing so ) I believe we will see a developer preference towards tablets and phones for even premium quality games. And all of is is great for the consumer because it will likely mean cheaper games or equal quality without the need to purchase separate devices.

I don't believe we will ever see another standalone handheld released after this ( other than maybe some rehashed 3DS models for the kiddies each Xmas ).