Final Fantasy XIII Site Bringing Trailer

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Now, whether it's a new trailer we don't know. According to website Final, the clues to what the site can be found by decompiling the game site's flash.

Forum member byoushinn discovered two files called "ff13-trailer-sd.flv" and "ff13-trailer-hd.flv" in the official FFXIII site's flash. So two trailers, we assume, one HD.


The countdown site (ungh, countdown site) does state: "A new vision will soon be revealed to the world."

Even if there is not a new trailer, we could at the very least be getting the game's first HD trailer. Think of it as a consolation prize — in high definition.

New FFXII Trailers? [Final]

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There was a time when the words "Final Fantasy" would have me giddy beyond reason. Somewhere along the line, I just stopped caring. A lot of long-winded franchises are like that for me; not because they've overstayed their welcome, but because they've lost touch of what made them worth playing to begin with.