It's The The Final Fantasy XIII Countdown

Square Enix revisits that most annoying of video game news teases, the countdown clock, promising a "new vision" of Final Fantasy XIII soon to be revealed to the world.

We've been annoyed by countdown clocks since the first early human crawled out of the goo and said, "Hold on a sec", but when it's Square Enix revealing something new about Final Fantasy XIII, I suppose we have to at least take a peek. The clock just recently started up, counting down seven days until...something.

The countdown has begun. A new vision will soon be revealed to the world. Register now to ensure you're there for the unveiling.


*registers now* There, happy?

I certainly hope this isn't just the North American and European versions of the reveal of Sahz Kalzroy. They wouldn't do that, would they?

Final Fantasy XIII Countdown [Square Enix - Thanks Sato!]

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