The most recent issue of Japanese magazine V-Jump features an article on upcoming role-playing game Final Fantasy Versus XIII. The game is supposed to be a PS3 exclusive. The latest V-Jump begs to differ.

Developers Square Enix and Tetsuya Nomura, the guy designing it, have repeatedly stressed that this game is PS3 only. Yet, in the latest V-Jump, the game is listed as appearing on both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Does this mean that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is confirmed as multi-platform?

After all, Final Fantasy XIII was originally slated as a PS3 exclusive, but after much pulling and prodding, it eventually appeared on the Xbox 360 — even in Japan.


However, this is V-Jump listing the game as for the Xbox 360 and not, you know, Square Enix. According to Kotaku Japan, V-Jump is now saying that this was a "misprint", apologizing profusely via Twitter.

"We truly are sorry for this," writes V-Jump. "It's a misprint. We will apologize and run a correction."