Final Fantasy IV Gets OverClocked

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OverClocked Remix, the cooperative dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of video game music, has just released an arrangement of 46 tracks of the Final Fantasy IV musical score.


OC ReMix bills the album as a tribute to Nobuo Uematsu, the eminent composer of all the Final Fantasy scores. The three-hour, three-disc project are arranged narratively, as if the listener were playing through the game. Thirty-three artists broke down the project into three acts: Betrayal, Strife and Redemption.

"The musical style of the project is best classified as a rock opera," says an OC ReMix release, "but a variety of genres are represented in the album, enhancing the breadth of the original score."

You may download the artwork and the soundtrack, for free, from the project site.

Final Fantasy IV: Echoes of Betrayal, Light of Redemption - an OverClocked ReMix Album [site]


Honestly, I am usually pretty blasé about these re-interpretations (they're not remixes, I wish people would use that term properly) of game music. It is very, very hit or miss.

Oftentimes they're put out by folks who - like in this case - are very technically capable, but don't seem to know crap about music, thematically or even just what sounds good. The ritualistic butchering of the last battle theme in this particular package, I think, illustrates this pretty well.

When they're good, they're very good, but that by and large comes from having good source material in the first place, and none of that can be attributed to these "remix" authors.

I do always enjoy checking them out though.