Final Fantasy Creator Working On Wii Game

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Mistwalker boss Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series, told us last year that his company was working on two projects: an iPhone game and a proper game. Could that second title be a Wii game?

Sure is. Nintendo sent out a press release overnight advertising the launch of a website for "The Last Story", a game we'd previously only heard about in trademark applications and financial results reporting.


There's precious little on the website except for a looping song and a log. Oh, and at the bottom, a bit that says "Nintendo/Mistwalker". Turns out this is indeed the game Sakaguchi had been hyping up last year, so...time to get excited? Maybe not excited, not after the company's solid-if-unspectacular Xbox 360 output (the not-good Blue Dragon and the quite-good Lost Odyssey), but...intrigued, definitely.

However it all pans out, you have to love the name. "Last Story" is about as close as you can get to "Final Fantasy" without getting emails from lawyers.

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If this is a story about 4 Combatants of the Bright traveling the world to recover the shine of the 4 Globes which embody the world's elements (Heat, Sea, Land and Air), held by 4 evil creatures, in order to combat an intemporal demon called Disorder...


I guess it'd be somewhat appropriate to call it plagiarism.