Final Fantasy Creator Working On iPhone Game

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Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of the Final Fantasy series and boss of Lost Odyssey developers Mistwalker, isn't just working on a "long-awaited new blockbuster project". He's doing an iPhone game as well.


Posting a "happy new years" message on Mistwalker's site, Sakaguchi says Mistwalker "are also working on a project for iPhone", and that it "should be released soon". Blue Dragon iPhone, perhaps?




Ohh, thank god, I tought you were going to say this was going to be his "long-awaited new blockbuster project". I'm still hoping Mr. Sakaguchi considers releasing a game for us PS3 fans. I'm a PlayStation fan because of the Final Fantasy games, I gotta be honest. So I really hope Mr. Sakaguchi still have us in mind and don't leaves aside.

Hey, could you guy please ask him if he's even remotely thinking about releasing a game for the PS3. This is the console where he's true fans are no matter what anyone would say.