Mistwalker Delay New Game Announcement

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Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy and head of development studio Mistwalker, was planning to announce his new game this year. Those plans will have to wait.


"I was planning to announce my new project within this year but it's a little late," Sakaguchi blogs. Sorry about that. I imagine announcement will be starting around next spring."

The game developer goes on to say that he is working "really hard" on this new game and that its title has been decided. "I'm concentrating on creating something really good!" Sakaguchi adds. "I am working on condensing valuable time of my short life and the valuable energy of my staff without any regrets." Heavy stuff!


Last we heard from Sakaguchi, his new project was in the finishing stages. Sakaguchi also said the unnamed game for an unspecified platform "makes tactical use of 'confusion and order on the battlefield' in real time" previously.

The game is not believed to be a LEGO surfing RPG. Unfortunately.

mistwalker [Official Site]

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I for one look forward to hearing more about this project. I hope he's got something good up his sleeve this time! JRPGS need a comeback.