FIFA Bug Makes Pro Athletes Play Like Tiny Children

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Did you ever play football/soccer as a kid? If so, you'll know that there is a single formation and tactic that's used across the planet. Namely, everyone runs straight at the ball. It's a tactic that's drummed out of you by your teens, but it seems to have snuck back into FIFA 15 on the PC, and is now affecting some of the best players on the planet.


A number of threads have popped up complaining about the issue on EA's forums. The bug doesn't just cause all twenty outfield players to run into the middle of the pitch, but both keepers as well.

Note that this is only affecting the PC version of the game. If anyone's wondering, I've got the PS4 version for review, and will be posting that sometime next week.



Wow, those graphics....

I'm not following sports games (besides racing), but I expect something more in 2014. I mean... it's not like there is much more to do every year, than upgrading graphics. (Besides updating the names and teams.)

But this video (besides the quite funny AI bug) looks like it could be from 2004.

Sure, it seems to have a clear resolution, and anti-aliasing - all the regular stuff for pc games, at least since open-GL- but this is so far from realism, I wonder if it could run in a web browser.