FIFA 10 Is The Fastest Selling Sports Game Ever

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EA celebrates the biggest European game launch in the company's history today, as more than 1.7 million copies of EA Sports' FIFA 10 sell during the first week of release alone.


EA is rolling out the review scores and posting big numbers as it celebrates the success of FIFA 10 in Europe, calling it the fastest selling sports game of all time. Italy's Official Xbox Magazine calls it "the best football game ever." ConsolPlus Germany is calling it "the best football game the world has ever seen." Our own Luke Plunkett said it "comes close (damn close) to both feeling – and, for spectators, looking - like the real thing." While our U.S. readers try to figure out why they keep calling it a football game, we turn to EA Sports president Peter Moore.

"We were confident that FIFA 10 would be a hit, and this week fans across Europe have shown just how much they love this game," said Peter Moore, President of EA SPORTS. "We are incredibly proud of FIFA 10 and this kick-off for great, authentic football competition."

Since the game launched, more than 10 million sessions have been played online, with more than 155,000 players online simultaneously during peak hours. Quite impressive!

FIFA 10 hits North America on October 20th, with sales numbers that are sure to be far less impressive.



FIFA, really? I was under the impression that Pro Evolution Soccer/Winning Eleven was still the best soccer/football title. How did this manage to sell so quick?