Fez Really Looks Like It's Going to be Worth the Fuss

I've bagged on Polytron and Phil Fish and the development hell in which they've been stuck for four years. And Fish recently said some intemperate things about Japanese games development, and gamers. Standing apart from all of that is Fez, which just looks sensational in this six-minute video of gameplay from its trial version. And by the looks of it, the game should be coming soon. Like "Q1 of Q2 2012" soon, maybe?

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I think I've got a sense of perspective on Fish now. I'm not talking about how he seems to be really blunt and lacking somewhat in social skills, either.

He really, truly loathes modern Japanese games—specifically, I think, Nintendo games. The reason Fez looks so goddamn excellent is because Fish is completely and utterly driven to make Fez as perfect as his nostalgia-fueled brain perceives old-school Nintendo games to have been.

He resents modern Japanese games because he perceives them as being drastically inferior to these games he's put on a pedestal.

The man's noticing a slight decline (come on; who's gonna argue that Super Mario Galaxy is genuinely bad? CRAZY PEOPLE? PROBABLY!) in quality of Nintendo titles and seeing through the warped lenses of nostalgia. Plus, he, like Blow and any other remotely-intelligent game designer, is really frustrated by the hand-holding in recent Nintendo games.

This game is going to be amazing, if it ever comes out, because it's going to be on par with his nostalgia.

...which probably means it will be the best game ever made. ._.