Few play Assassin's Creed for historical accuracy, but the games are set during important moments from our past. History Respawned asks experts to provide insight on the contextual backdrops of various games. This time, it's Assassin's Creed Unity and the French Revolution.



I'm glad a Unity article just poster because I just started playing this puppy.

And you know what???

I freaking love it so far.

I'm taking a page out of Luke's book and going with French dub/English subtitles/HUD OFF periodically and it's been great to this point.

It's the most beautiful game I've ever played and so far the story missions are interesting and fun.

And up to now, the modern day Helix stuff is relatively engaging.

Though I've heard this all wanes as the game goes on, up to now, it's exactly the game I've wanted since Revelations.

Nice modern day conspiracy, not a lot of 'building an NPC squad of assassins' fluff, nice open sandbox, charismatic lead, interesting side content (murder mysteries, Nostradams riddles), and with some trippy/hacky memory sequences to boot. In other words, things are getting mixed up enough gameplay-wise where my first 7-10 hours have felt consistently fresh.

Maybe in a day or two I'll change my tune but right now I'm having a blast.