Father Asks Final Fantasy XV's Prompto To Give Daughter A Special Holiday Message

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Robbie Daymond, the voice behind Prompto from Final Fantasy XV, helped make one little girl’s Christmas extra special by recording a personalized greeting for her as one of her favorite characters.

Euphrates’ father had originally asked the voice actor what his rate would be to record the message, but rather than quote him, Daymond simply sent him the recording a few days later.


“Hey Frankie!! Here is a special X-mas message for your daughter! Hope she enjoys it. Cheers!” read the email from Daymond. In the message itself, the Prompto wishes Eurphates a “very merry Christmas” before singing a little bit of the Final Fantasy fanfare mixed with Jingle Bells.

“She’s absolutely in love with Prompto and is always quoting him and laughing at anything he says” said the girl’s father. “FFXV is the first game that has managed to pull her away from games like Minecraft and Roblox, which i find to be amazing.”

He even went so far as to share pictures of her reaction to hearing the message, which he played for her while she was messing around inside of a PSVR headset. “She giggled and laughed...but found out she was hiding her tears under that VR visor.”

Illustration for article titled Father Asks iFinal Fantasy XV/is Prompto To Give Daughter A Special Holiday Message

Daymond has been doing voices for video game and animated characters for over a decade now, with SwaySway from Breadwinners and twins Evan and Myles from Transformers: Rescue Bots as some of his more recent and notable roles. Daymond also voices Tuxedo Mask for the new 2014 English dub of Sailor Moon.


But Prompto has quickly become one of his more iconic characters. Final Fantasy has always had its more cheerful and spunky cast members, like Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII or Zell from Final Fantasy VIII, but few from the era of voiced characters have been as charming as Prompto, or had such a fleshed out backstory. Among his more notable exploits in the game is convincing Noctis and company to take a break from driving their convertible around to go have fun with some chocobos, a perfect metaphor for everything he brings to the four-way bromance.

Of course, he’s also the group’s photographer, documenting their journey with some great snapshots of candid moments.

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