Fart Boy Rips Into Noby Noby Boy Tomorrow

Noby Noby Boy players will issue a welcoming cheer for the newest Boy to join the Keita Takahashi-designed PlayStation 3 game this week, the adorable Onara Boy. That's "Fart Boy" to you.

Version 1.1 of Noby Noby Boy adds four-Boy offline multiplayer to the mix, in addition to the brassy Fart Boy, as well as lower key updates like "variations for your Boy House hair styles" and new thinking poses for the game's birds. Since when do patches have to makes sense? Obviously, with the addition of the newest Boy comes new "powered up" sound and new sound effects.


Of course, the Noby Noby Boy update begs the question, "What will become of Onara Boy when another Boy eats his butt?" The answer to that fascinating riddle will soon be solved.

Noby Noby Boy Gets Gassy [AndriaSang]

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