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Far Cry 3 Looks Like a First-Person Action Flick

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A five-minute promotional reel of gameplay from Far Cry 3 hit YouTube late Friday, and appears to be cut to show you all the game's set pieces as much as the game's luxurious visuals.

There's some swearing in these clips so, headphones if you're somewhere where hearing that is inappropriate, like church.


All I recognize from this is the opening two or so minutes, which look like a level I saw back at E3. In some of these sequences, particularly the doctor's office, it's hard to tell where the game is on auto-pilot and what the game is controlling.


Still, get a load of that lighting and the level of detail. Well, it is Far Cry, right? My takeaway: if there is water nearby, you're gonna be diving into it, which was my first impression at E3, too.

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