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Here's the "Jackal" trailer for Far Cry 2, set in Africa. All I can say is, thank God they're shooting at white people. Far Cry 2 — Exclusive Jackal Trailer [GameTrailers]

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*sigh* Okay, I'll bite, though I'm sure once this derails into "RE 5 isn't racist! Some of my best friends are black!" vs. "Capcom is full of Klan members!", I'll regret it.

The problem with the original trailer wasn't that there were black people. It was that the way in which the trailer was framed (including lighting, editing, etc.) played on a lot of very nasty stereotypes and imagery with a long, unpleasant history (for instance, the "degenerate black men", the "angry black horde" of many slave-revolt nightmares, the black man as "other", etc.)

Yeah, I get it. It's horror. It's supposed to be horrifying. I also don't think the subtext was even remotely INTENDED. The sad fact is, though, that certain kinds of imagery have a history, regardless of the context, and they're going to evoke certain things.

(For instance: regardless of the plot and context, showing a white guy being hanged by a bunch of other white guys carries MUCH different connotations than showing that same group of white guys hanging a black man. Sad but true.)