Fans Transport GTA V's Snowy North Yankton To PC

Modders don't wait. They take action. So while everyone else is waiting, waiting, waiting for Rockstar Games to make/announce Grand Theft Auto V for PC, enterprising modders are trying to transform the last official GTA released on PC into GTA V.

First they brought the entire GTA V version of Los-Angeles-styled San Andreas to GTA IV. Now the modders, including GTA mod enthusiast Taltigolt, are converting GTA IV into the North Yankton parts of GTA V. (Check the video's official description for the mod's credits.) You remember North Yankton, right? If not, then you must not have played a single minute of the game, because it starts in North Yankton. And then goes some place warmer.


These GTA-IV-to-GTA-V mods recreate the terrain of the games, not the missions. No word yet on if/when this mod will be released.

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Mok, the Magic Man

"North Yankton cocksuckers."