A very rough video that doesn't have pedestrians and some other key features...

And a pretty cool fly-over of the whole San Andreas landmass, which is actually already available as a mod for GTA IV on PC now...

Most importantly, the mod team is promising a more polished video very soon.

Credits for the GTA V/GTA IV conversion mod:

ZZCOOL - Project founder\idea & Gameplay footage
MajesticNL - Map converting, pedestrians
Flitskikker - Tool support (Textures)
Frank.s - SCO Scripting, Map Converter
Naznesss - Map Converter, SCO Scripting, Franklin mod
Legiz - Traffic PrograMan - Tool support (Placements)
Sleepy - Vehicle converting
Kurtis2221 - Assisting vehicle converting
Tonybee2014 - Vehicle handling
Special Thanks: Dageron, Tgascoigne, taikol, Rockstar Games & Rockstar North


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