Fans Remaking Tomb Raider 2 In Unreal Engine 4

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The new Tomb Raider games are great, but sometimes you just want to go back and play the classics. And sometimes you want to go back and play the classics but with very modern visuals.

That’s why Tomb Raider fan Nicobass is leading development on The Dagger of Xian, a complete remake of the second game in the series, only this time built on Unreal Engine 4.


He’s been at it for a while now, but I’m talking about it today because he’s released a playable demo for the project which you can download and try out.

Helping out on Dagger of Xian have been Inna Vjuzhanina (art), Jennifer Milward (Lara’s voice acting), Alexandre Serel (writing) and Dean Kopri (music).



That is impressive for a fan project. Square Enid would be smart to just hire these people and put this out as a “Remaster” for the game. It seems like it would be easy nestalgia money made by people who actually love the source material. Much like why Sonic Mania was actually good.

Just a note here though, judging by the YouTube clip they need to do something to help distinguish where you are supposed to jump next. Some of the ledges blended into the environments a little too much. This is because of the added fidelity obviously, but even just a different colored rock type for the grab-able ledges would make this way more playable.