One thing you can count on in the NCAA basketball tournament, playing now, are the CBS promo spots for The Masters, full of pomp and grandeur, with Jim Nantz invoking the Tradition Unlike Any Other. That's what makes this spot for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters so fantastic.

I don't know if any or all of that was shot on the course. Augusta National Golf Club has a famously conservative posture toward commercialization of its event (in the game, which I am currently playing for review, your sponsor pin is removed from your bag tag when you play The Masters). So it's possible this was shot elsewhere and edited post production. [Update] An EA Sports spokesman confirms that these actors and the entire commercial, except for the archival shots at the opening, was filmed live on the Augusta National course.

It really captures the spirit of wish fulfillment for Masters fans, who finally get to play the most fabled course in golf history when the game releases on Tuesday. It's one of the best video game commercials I've seen. You the man, James from San Jose.