Fan Video Recreates Old Character Intros In Street Fighter V

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Capcom abandoned most of the Street Fighter series’ iconic character intros over time, so one fan decided to recreate them using the latest game.


SigmaG19 makes a lot of Street Fighter V videos, including this one critiquing a lot of the Capcom’s choices with the game. The latest tries to recreate some of the series’ former glory by introducing special introductions that used to occur when specific characters were matched-up.

“One of the things that I miss in fighting games is seeing how the characters interact with each other on a personal level,” Sigma wrote in the video’s description. Enjoying these small additions, like when Ryu faces Sagat and the latter uppercuts Dan.

Sigma admits the animations are a bit rough around the edges, but it’s fun to see what SFV might have felt like with a little more flare and personality. And the video is a good reminder that there are a litany of small changes Capcom has made to the series over the years that, unlike the evolution away from pixel animations or getting rid of non-Critical Art chip-damage KOs in SFV, that have still fundamentally altered the underlying flavor of the game.

Also bring back Sagat!

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Adam Withers

I’ve been playing a lot of Mortal Kombat X lately (because I’m always years behind on fighting games), and what’s amazed me is how much of the personality of the characters comes through in every aspect of the game. Including these kinds of personalized entrances. Everybody has a relationship to the other fighters, and those relationships are put at the center of all the fighting. Some of the intro banter cracks me right the hell up:

Liu Kang: You have your mother’s face.

Cassie Cage: (snaps gum bubble) Thanks. Yours looks like a butt.

LK: ...And your father’s mouth.

MK has never been my favorite fighting franchise, but I’ll be damned if they aren’t doing the best at making the characters, stories, and lore the heart of the experience instead of just the mechanics. SF seems to be moving backwards fast.