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Fan-Made PT Remake Captures The Original's Terrifying Scares

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

P.T, the demo for Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s ill-fated Silent Hills, has gained a deep cult following since its release and eventual de-listing from the PlayStation store after Kojima split with Konami. A new PC remake captures most of the experience for those who don’t still have it on our PlayStations.

The PC remake was made by Artur Łączkowski and was still available for download as of time of publication. It recreates P.T’s iconic looping hallway and, while it doesn’t use the same character model as the infamous Lisa, features a terrifying ghost that can strike at any time. It’s not the first remake to be made; games like PT for PC and other projects have sought to recreate the game. They have inevitably fallen claim to takedown requests from Konami. Spiritual successor Allison Road was announced back in 2015 but hasn’t released yet. If you’re curious how this plays, you can watch five minutes down below. Gosh, P.T. scares the shit out of me still...

A Look At A Fan Made P.T. Remake

P.T. has captured players’ imaginations ever since its 2014 release. Secret hunters were turning up new content for as late as a year after release, and the design heavily influenced Resident Evil 7’s own secret-laden demo. Consoles with the game still on it have been known to sell for extreme prices, although sites like eBay cracked down during the height of these sales. Last week, rumors abounded that a new patch disabled the game for good on all remaining consoles, but that was thankfully untrue. Łączkowski has expressed interest in a Silent Hill 2 remake, but it remains to be seen if that project will be squashed by Konami. (Which it absolutely will be.) If anything else, he seems aware that this remake won’t last long.


“Guys, if you didn’t done it yet, you can still play my P.T. Remake,” he said in a tweet. Do it ASAP before Konami shut it down!”