A Year Later, People Are Still Finding New Things In P.T.

Pop quiz! Did you know it’s possible to see Lisa, the disturbing ghost from P.T., in the basement room that you start the game in? I didn’t.

While there have been some whispers about Lisa’s appearance in the first room of the game, actual evidence of her apparition there didn’t really start circulating heavily until this year. Yesterday, Reddit user metatronicsauce shared a screenshot that placed Lisa in the room with the brown bag:


“After you get trapped in the bathroom and are forced to be possessed on the next loop, get killed by Lisa to get back to the room you start in,” metatronicsauce explains. “If you exit the room backwards, you will see Lisa very briefly before you enter the hallway.” It almost sounds like bullshit, doesn’t it? Walk backwards? Yeah, right!

It’s true, though. Footage taken this year by unitedplayersclub PS4 proves that the screenshot above is no mere Photoshop. Be warned: the jumpscare here might make you (metaphorically) shit your pants!

Amazing, huh? I can’t help but wonder if the game is still hiding some secrets that nobody has found.

And now, in GIF form:

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