Fan Game Will Let You Bring Horrible Pokémon Fusions To Life

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Mashing together unlikely pairings results in hilarious Pokémon—that’s exactly why Alex Onsager’s fusion website, which lets people create Frankenstein Pokémon with a few easy clicks, blew up the internet a while back. I have a feeling fusions are about to make a comeback in 2015, though—and it’s all thanks to a cool upcoming fan game.


Pokémon Infinite Fusion will let you take any of the original 151 Pokémon you’d like and fuse it with something else, just like you could in the O.G. fusion website. Not only that, but it gives these new critters new types, statistics, moves, and more—meaning, your terrifying creations can actually be useful. In total, it will let you create an astounding 22,801 combinations. And people think 700+ Pokémon is too many!

Here’s a trailer:

The story, according to one of the developers:

Two years ago, Team Rocket introduced a gene in the wild that allowed wild Pokémon to fuse with each other. Soon enough, fused Pokémon became very common and the practice of fusing Pokémon together has now been widely accepted by trainers.

The point of the game is to make the player experience a Pokémon game with a ridiculous amount of Pokémon. And so, aside from the backstory, the plot remains very close to the original Kanto games. There are a few additional sidequests and slight differences but all in all, don’t expect a completely original story.

Curiously, fused Pokémon will still be able to evolve—and each half will do so separately. A fused Pokémon’s stats will be determined by the weighted average of both fused Pokémon. Types, meanwhile, are determined by a combination of the fused Pokémon’s original type and color.

Right now, a demo of an older version of Pokémon Infinite Fusion is available here, but a newer version will be dropping sometime this fall.

I won’t lie. Something about this concept feels terribly, terribly wrong. There’s a part in the trailer where, after choosing your starter, your rival will take the remaining Pokémon and fuse them. Something about that makes me feel weird! But, at the same time, that’s exactly what makes this concept so interesting in the first place. What kinds of monsters will we create in the name of Poke-science? Mewtwo’s origin story seems quaint by comparison.


Sora Hjort

.... Well we know what Twitch Plays Pokemon will be doing at some point.