Fan Creates Patch To Fix Nier: Automata's Graphics

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Nier: Automata is a fine video game, but it also has some technical problems on PC which are a bit of a bummer. Where Platinum and Square have come up short, though, a fan-made mod is making things right.


Kaldaien’s FAR mod (Fix Automata Resolution) does like its name suggests and fixes the game’s fullscreen resolution issues to make it an actual 1080p (rather than a stretched 900p), but it also does other more important stuff like dramatically increase the game’s framerate through better optimisation of Automata’s lighting and shadows.

For a taste of the kinds of framerate improvements you can hope for, check out some of the people in this thread reporting jumps from 30fps to 50-60.

If you’ve got the game and want to try it out while you wait for an official patch, you can download it here, in both automatic and manual install versions.

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Hey Luke I want to say thanks for these types of posts. I’ve been considering buying Automata but I heard the PC version wasn’t a great port and I lack awareness of the PC mod community so these posts are always great for highliting what they can do.