Fallout Shelter's Objectives Are Becoming Ridiculous

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Kill two Deathclaws without a weapon. For fifty caps. Are you kidding me, Fallout Shelter?

The screenshot above comes from Redditor magicalmakx, and it’s so absurd, I initially thought it was just a Photoshop. But no. Other players report the same thing: the new Fallout Shelter has new objectives, one of which includes the ridiculous request above. You’d think killing Deathclaws unarmed would be worth at least a lunchbox or a Mr. Handy, but no. Fifty caps. For killing some of the hardest enemies in the game without a weapon!

Is this even possible to do? I’d like to think Bethesda wouldn’t put anything that’s impossible in there, but...has anyone actually done this? How? What kind of stats would you even need? Do you just dwindle down a Deathclaw’s health normally, and then unequip your weapon so the final blow is weaponless? Can anyone do this without cheesing it? Holy moly.


Given that I got wrecked like this last time I tried to take on Deathclaws...

...I think I might just “X” this Deathclaw objective, should it ever come up. Because fuck that, man.

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The way base defenses work in this game is still just completely stupid. Mostly because the UI is completely ill-suited to micromanaging people around, and the AI are slow and then just sit around because there is no way to tell them to follow an enemy.