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Fallout 76 Player Turns Their Camp Into A Disco For Mutant Cows

Illustration for article titled iFallout 76/i Player Turns Their Camp Into A Disco For Mutant Cows

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Flames bursting out of the walls of a haunted church. A labyrinth funneling vault dwellers into the clutches of a hungry Deathclaw. And now this: a disco full of Brahmin getting down and getting electrocuted.


As GamesRadar points out, some Fallout 76 players have become obsessed with Brahmin, the game’s two-headed cows. They’re mostly peaceful and a great source of sustenance, but they’re also great test subjects for messing around with the game’s rag-doll physics. Using the game’s pylons, it’s possible to launch them, Monty Python-style, at other players and their camps.

The Brahmin Disco takes this fascination to a weirder and even more morbid place. Thanks to the Brahmin pens that bring the creatures to players’ camps, and the way a jolt of electricity sends them flying, Fallout 76’s resident mad scientist Vault101manguy managed to make an entire dance club out of the phenomenon.


It’s not my jam, but who are we to judge how people entertain themselves after the apocalypse. 

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