A Fallout 76 Player Mailed Bobby Pins To Todd Howard

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Fallout 76's launch last year was fascinating for all sorts of reasons. And while the developers received all sorts of feedback, one fan expressed their feelings about bobby pins in a rather creative way.


At the game’s launch, one of Fallout 76's biggest problems was weight. Characters could only carry so much, and with limited stash sizes, the weight of every little item became a massive deal. One hairpin that weighs 0.1 pounds might not seem a big deal by itself, but when you’re carrying 100 or 200 lockpicks, then suddenly your lockpicks are more of an encumbrance than your armour.

Bobby pins are something that Fallout 76 has patched and re-patched since launch. And around the time of the game’s launch, when the player base was at its largest and crankiest, one fan had a very passive-aggressive way of making their point.

“Some people send letters; some of those are very creative,” executive director Todd Howard said at the Bethesda Game Days Fallout 76 panel. “I got a box of bobby pins the other week that said, ‘Weigh these.’ Whoever sent that, that was the most creative letter I got,” Howard explained.

This story originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.



Most badass definition of passive aggressive by far.