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Fallout 4 Player Goes On Drug-Addled Basketball Odyssey

“He lost his son, so he adopted the streets.”

This video from DefendTheHouse showcases one of Fallout 4’s lesser-known features: basketball. I call it a “feature,” but what I really mean is, there are basketballs you can pick up and—using the game’s often clunky physics engine—throw, sometimes at basketball hoops that happen to be placed in the game world.


DefendTheHouse took advantage of this to go on a Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden-worthy post-apocalyptic b-ball odyssey, sinking increasingly unlikely shots as they soared majestically—like a younger, radiation-engorged Michael Jordan—over the wasteland.

I guess frequent and overt performance-enhancing drug usage isn’t illegal in the post-apocalyptic NBA. Good to know.


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I wish this was in the end of the companion missions.

*Yeah, that’s Rashida Jones with Dave Chappelle in a sketch.