Fake Ultra Rare Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Leads To Arrest

Gif: YTV

Lorelei The Symphonic Arsenal was a prize card at the 2008 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships. There are only six in the whole world. Six real cards, that is.


According to YTV and MBS, 29-year-old Shunki Iwasaki allegedly sold a fake Lorelei The Symphonic Arsenal to a 20-something year-old Kyoto woman for 400,000 yen ($3,556) through an online auction earlier this year.

After she realized it was counterfeit, the woman contacted the authorities, who have since arrested Iwasaki.

“I thought it might be fake,” Iwasaki is quoted as saying.

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Screenshot: MBS

Here is how the real card, which is labeled 本物 (honmono), compares with the bogus card, labeled 偽物 (nisemono).

Gif: MBS

A closer look at the fake card.

Be careful when buying premium cards, whether that’s online or in person.

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Looks like the perp just drew...a Pot of Greed...