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Man Sells Valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards For His Daughter's Future

[Image: KnightMiyabi]
[Image: KnightMiyabi]

Raising kids ain’t cheap. Neither are rare Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. Twitter user KnightMiyabi decided to sell his super rare ones to pay for his daughter’s pre-school.


These are Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards, but not the standard issue. These are the highly rare promos given out at the Jump Festa in Japan in the year 2000. As Hachima points out, they go for several thousands of dollars each. 


Each one of those bills is a 10,000 yen ($88) note.

According to KnightMiyabi, he decided to sell the cards after his daughter was playing with some of his old cards (not the Blue-Eyes White Dragon ones, obviously). 

With the money, KnightMiyabi plans to pay for her preschool and other child-rearing expenses, explaining that he needs to save lots of money for her future. 


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Oh, boy. I just paid for my daughter’s kindergarten entrance fee here in Hachioji, Tokyo, and wow. Do I understand what this guy did. haha. So much money just disappears for your kid to attend the school, not counting the amount you’ll end up paying each month after they start.

Japanese pre-school and kindergartens are NOT cheap.