Not that they would! But the next time you step into a, say, 7-Twelve in China or a 7-Minutes in Russia, remember that you're not actually in a 7-Eleven. Got it?

Of course you do. Recently, Twitter user Livein_China uploaded the above pic of a faux convenience store. But China is hardly alone in being home to fake 7-Elevens (the vast majority of 7-Elevens there are totally real). You can find them the world over. Obviously, most are local small mom and pop operations, trying to make a quick buck.

Via Matome Naver, here are some more standout phonies from around the world:

7 Days. Makes sense.


7-Eleven? Nope, Seventy-Seven.

7-Bright. Okay.





7-Apple? 7-Mac? iEleven? I give up.

[via junjun2310]

7-Eleven restaurant and bar. Looks legit.


7-Mercy. Yep. This convenience store was located in Japan and has since been shuttered. Fittingly, a real 7-Eleven opened nearby.

I'm assuming 7-Mercy was closed down after 7-Eleven became a Japanese-owned company.


[Top photo: livein_china]

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