Illustration for article titled Fair or Foul, MLB 10 The Show Still Looks Great

Gametrailers put up a few exclusive videos of MLB 10 The Show, one of which is 90 seconds of gameplay featuring cover man Joe Mauer. This game looks very good.


It's a CPU-vs.-CPU sim so we don't see pitching meters or batting controls and can't tell if they've been modified for this year. But to say it's visually impressive is an understatement.

Next up, here's another two minutes of gameplay showing something new this year - video review of a fair/foul home run call. Very strong umpire conference animation there (I never thought I'd ever find myself typing something like that) with the accurate arm signals indicating the call's reversal. In all, great clip.

Finally, here's a two-minute interview trailer with commentary from Mauer and the devs, giving a look at how this year's game was built.

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