Facebook Comes To The PS3 Today

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Having only been announced on Monday, Sony's Eric Lempel has told 1UP that the PlayStation 3's 3.10 firmware update will be released sometime later today.


The main attraction will of course be Facebook integration with your trophies, store purchases and in-game progress. Though, as someone who uses the feature all the time, the new improved photo galleries are also something to look forward to.


Oh, and yes, that means today is also the day your friends list should look a lot less awful.

Sony Releasing PS3 Update 3.10 Today [1UP]

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I imagine that the opinions are pretty well split on this.

With Facebook being so popular and Microsoft also adding popular online features to there arsenal, its natural progression for Sony to do the same.

I have no problem with people that support this, as it is a good idea and will, at some point at least, be solidly implemented.

I don't like Facebook, but that is not the issue for me. For me, its the fact that consoles are now becoming the jack-of-all-trades.

One of the reasons why I always opted for consoles over PC gaming is that they where simple, they just let me play. Thats what they were built for.

Now, they do alot of things that PC's do. But also have all the drawbacks. Timely downloading,

updates and what-not.

If this generation is anything to go by, and next gen really does follow on rather than inovate the way we play, then I am going being doing a lot of my gaming on the PC. It does everything the consoles are trying to do but better.

I never thought I would say this, not because I hate Nintendo, but because I was never sold to the idea...but...the Wii really is the true console for hardcore gamers, if what you want to do is play games.

Many may complain with this statement but I have always loved buying consoles, and the awe that could be sometimes felt when you see the latest one. I haven't felt that for a while. To me, 'media centre' doesn't sound as appealing. #ps3