The PlayStation 3 is due for a firmware refresh "soon," with version 3.10 of the console's software adding Facebook integration, improved photo browsing and an updated look for the system's Friends list.

Sony's Facebook integration is the coolest aspect of the forthcoming firmware. It lets users bind their PlayStation Network account to their Facebook account, automatically feeding their status updates with Trophy information, PlayStation Store purchases and specific in-game events that developers can include in PS3 games. We're guessing it's similar to what Naughty Dog attempted to do with Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and Twitter, letting players automatically boast of game winning moments or special accomplishments without having to type it all out.

Fortunately, all of these Facebook features are optional. It also appears the software will prompt users if they'd like to post these types of updates to their Facebook news feed at each occurrence.

The new photo browser makes better use of screen real estates, offering a grid of photo thumbnails for quick viewing instead of a long vertical list.

Finally, due to popular request...


A less visually offensive version of the PlayStation 3's Friends list—perhaps the most reviled change in firmware 3.00—is coming. Sony has listened to fan feedback, offering a more toned down look at who's online in the XMB.

PlayStation Network account holders will also be able to choose the color that best represents them, the final piece of the firmware update previously leaked. Not confirmed is this rumor of cross-game voice chat.


Baby steps, folks. Baby steps.

PlayStation 3 Firmware (v3.10) Update Preview []