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Also in Realtime Worlds' newsletter for fans, which went out this week, is word that Facebook will play a large role in building the community for APB, the long-awaited cops-and-robbers MMO. And APB's closed beta stage is upcoming, with alpha testing completed in the middle of September, says Realtime Worlds. "Initially this will be a very core, select number of trusted friends of employees, but does mark the start of what can be considered the ‘Closed’ Beta stage of APB," said Chris Dye, community relations manager. There were no specifics given on exactly how Facebook will be a part of this. Develop Magazine points out that APB will use social music site for its in-game audio, Realtime Worlds has shown a willingness to use existing online services rather than create its own. The release date is still TBA. APB to Use Facebook as 'Major Community Tool' [Develop]


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