Fable II DLC Delayed, Christmas Canceled

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Fable II's first downloadable content pack, Knothole Island, isn't going to make appearances under the Christmas tree this year. The expansion has been delayed, according to an update to Microsoft's "Download and Win" contest page.


Citing "unexpected technical difficulties," which is starting to sound like a Fable II tradition, the Knothole Island expansion will instead ship "late January 2009." It was originally planned for a mid-December release when it was announced in November. Obviously, that means the Download and Win contest associated with its release has also been temporarily suspended.


It's OK, Lionhead, I'm always late for everything too. We're sure everyone will find something else with those 800 Microsoft Points.

Fable II Knothole Island [Xbox - thanks, Craig!]

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I cant believe coop isnt each players unique character. Like seriously? The great Peter M didnt want that?!