Making good on last week's promise of big news, Lionhead has announced the first premium downloadable content for their hit sequel Fable II. Launching in mid-December, the Knothole Island downloadable content pack features will see the player journeying to the titular landmass, where they will have to undergo the trials of the three shrines to bring the dying island back to life. There are new quests to undertake, bizarre new characters to interact with, and new items to dress up your saint or sinner with. Along with the Knothole Island pack, which will run 800 MS points, they'll also be releasing a free pack that will allow owners of the premium content to play co-op with those without. Note that both packs will come with special gifts for downloaders, including Knight's Boots, Assassin's gloves, a collectible silver book, and a weight loss potions, perfect for those sick of hunting down celery every time they eat a damn pie. Knothole Island DLC Page [Lionhead - Thanks Craig!]


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